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Spectrolite Finland Ltd, tel. +358 400 391590 (also in WhatsApp, Skype and Line)
Mr. Esko Hamalainen, manager)

Spectrolite - the most beautiful labradorite only from Finland!

Wellcome to Spectrolite Webstore

SPECTROLITE WEBSTORE was founded and owned by Spectrolite Finland Ltd - an original Finnish company, owned by Esko Hamalainen in Ylamaa, Finland - the home region of Spectrolite.

We are happy to share our passion, knowledge, products and lovable stories of this beautiful treasure of Nature.

Keywords in these sites are related to all Spectrolite services: jewelry & other products, rough pre-cut & finished crystals and blocks, retail & wholesale.

Spectrolite - the most beautiful labradorite


The bedrock of Spectrolite crystals only in Finland is opaque and form a stronger and wider scale of colors than other labradorites. That`s why you`ll find Spectrolite crystals as the most beautiful colors of  blue, green, yellow, multicolor and even purple!

COMING SOON - TOKYO MINERAL SHOW 1st to 4th December 2017 MEET US SPECTROLITE - ONLY FROM FINLAND - THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LABRADORITE スペクトロライト フィンランド 株式会社 東京ミネラルショー、2017年12月1日から4日開催 ブースNo,437.438 フィンランドのオリジナル スペクトロライト原石、プレカット、ジュエリー

Spectrolite Finland Ltd at TOKYO MINERAL SHOW 1st December to 4th December. Amazing Spectrolite rough, pre-cut and jewelry only from Finland - the most beautiful labradorite! Contact us: spectrolite.finland@gmail.com mobile +358 400 391590 WhatsApp chatting skype (skype name: esko.hamalainen45)