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Spectrolite - the most beautiful labradorite only from Finland !

Spectrolite is a hard and rare variety of labradorite only from Finland. It is known for the strong characteristics and the charming iridescence of spectrum colors. The colors include all colors in spectrum; mostly blue, green, yellow and purple often compared to Northern Lights, Aurora, Rainbow and Butterfly wings.

The highest quality we have is widely used for jewelry and other products all over the world.

Spectrolite - the most beautiful labradorite


The bedrock of Spectrolite crystals only in Finland is opaque or dark and form stronger and larger scale of colors than other labradorites. Therefore you will find the most beautiful blue, green, yellow, purple,violet and mixed colors of Spectrolite crystal!

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Spectrolite - only from Finland - original Spectrolite precious gem stone !

Spectrolite uncut rough crystals & precut rough slabs and completed jewelry

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