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Mr. Esko Hamalainen
The owner and C.E.O. of Spectrolite Finland Ltd and Stonetwork Ltd; ex-mayor of Ylamaa,the Spectrolite town in Finland, nowadays Ylamaa in Lappeenranta City;
Spectrolite gem marketing and consulting ; Master`s degree of social&economy sciences; the founder and manager of Ylamaa International Gem & Mineral show and Ylamaa Gem Museum; the organizer of Spectrolite GemCenter in Ylamaa; the initiator of gem cutter`s schooling in Finland.

"My mission is to share and impart the feeling, skills and love for the most beautiful Spectrolite with all people who love gems including professional gem makers, researchers, hobby mineralogists, designers and all other gem lovers. We use only natural and the highest quality of gems for our products and taking into account sustainable development and environmental preservation."